Ananda Marga Yoga Classes

Classes of Ananda Marga Yoga

Given by Avadhutika Anandamanidiipa Acarya.


Didi Anandamanidiipa has dedicated over 25 years of her life to the service of love for humanity and has already travelled half of the world as a missionary nun of Ananda Marga social and spiritual organization, India.

Ananda Marga Yoga classes consist in:

  1. Advanced technique of meditation with the most effective personal Mantra.
  2. Complete philosophy of life.
  3. Appropriate Asanas.
  4. Bio psychology.
  5. Proper breathing.
  6. Subtle foods that benefit both, the physical and mental health.
  7. The Yougic treatment that helps to cure diseases
    fear, panic attack, anxiety, obesity, depression, stress etc, naturally.
  8. Etc.

Contact Number: 011- 15-6532-3333