Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji

fundadorFounder of Ananda Marga:

When society reaches a critical juncture or transition, the need of a great soul is felt. one who with unlimited power, immense vigour and extraordinary personality can revive the society’s momentum. In the past ,these great souls have changed the entire social outlook and re-established cardinal human values. When , due to the mountainous obstacles, human beings cannot themselves bring about such revolutionary changes, then with boundless grace, the divine Entity takes the form of a human being and is known as Tarak Brahma. Mahasambhuti.

Naturally , when He appears He is not concerned with establishing His own name fame, nor does he distract His disciples with flashy displays and miracles. His primary mission is to re-establish Dharma (inner nature ,spirituality, righteousness) and exterminate Papa (immorality). He makes the path of spiritual liberation easy for the sincere seekers, but He does not turn a deaf ear to the mad clamor of mechanical civilization: rather He provides a very cool and soothing nectar for the humanity, suffering under the three afflictions (i.e. physical, mental and spiritual afflictions). He gives a new way of life for the creation of a healthy society and a comprehensive ideology based on Dharma, spirituality. This new way of life opens up new vistas in all fields of human endeavour: education, culture, spirituality, politics, sociology, economics and so on. He brings about a total and profound revolution in all spheres of human life.

In human history, the respected personalities have been those who either achieved an exceptional spiritual radiance or who sacrificed their all for the welfare of the society. But the greatest and most respected personalities have been those who combined both of these acts. Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji was just such a personality. In him we found the unprecedented blending of two personalities: the self-disciplined spiritualist and the warrior never afraid to take up a fight against Papa ( wickedness). He harmonized the internal and external aspects of life, making them inseparable. He taught his disciples to act with a subjective approach through objective adjustment (i.e. the endeavour to realize God while maintaining adjustment with the material world). He was the connecting bridge between theory and practice, between the mundane and the supra- mundane. Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii travelled all over the world with the determination to establish a new society based on Neo – humanism. The books of Shrii Shrii Annadamurtijii reveal an unfathomable depth of learning, a brilliant radiance of scholarship and a profound elevating wisdom. Qualities such as these are unique.

Dharma Guru (preceptor) Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii never declared himself as Bhagavan (God). He disliked self publicity. Instead he unfolded his personality through Ananda Marga’s all- embracing philosophy and through his organisation. Ananda Marga pracaraka Samgha, with missionary workers and followers world -wide. These things are there for all the world to see, but he kept himself ‘durat sudure’ ( far , far away) . Anandamurtijii, the propounder of Ananda Marga, was also known to us and addressed by us as Baba. Baba means the one who is most dear, most near. We in Ananda Marga have not got anybody else as dear and as close as He . That is why we call Baba.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti was born in May 21, 1921, and left His body in October 21, 1990. He was born Guru (preceptor) He had no Guru. He was born with all the divine attributes. His organization, Ananda Marga, began in India in 1955 and by the mid 1970’s had become a worldwide operation.
1). He produced a large volume of work that includes theories aimed at increasing human welfare such as is the Law of Social Cycle, The Progressive Utilization Theory (PROUT), a broad socio-economic and political theory based on a spiritual humanism and the progressive use of all resources.
2) The theory of Microvita as the philosophy of Neo Humanism. Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, His proposal is a practical, possible and sustainable system to achieve a fair society based on the highest and universal human values. The fundamental idea underlying in all His teachings, to develop ourselves spiritually In order to get this spiritual progress it is essential to work for the upliftment of the whole society and thus help the collective development.

He opposes all forms of exploitation and suppression of life. to social divisions, dogmas, discrimination of women, capital punishment, etc.

Synthesis of the work of Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar:
In 1955, He founded the socio-spiritual organization,“Ananda Marga”-The Path of Bliss, Self-realization and service to humanity.

In 1958, He created the association “Universal Renaissance” to promote the use of the arts and sciences for the benefit of individual and collective welfare.

In 1959, He exposed Prout, “Progressive Utilization Theory” proposes a revolutionary socio-economic system based on moral and spiritual values.
In 1963, the project begins in a spiritual community Ananda Nagar, India, to build a model of exemplary society based on the highest human values.

In the same year 1963, He established the ERAWS (Relief and Welfare Education Section), which runs schools, orphanages, medical units, retirement homes, free kitchens, drug rehabilitation centers and homes for shelter less women throughout the globe. ERAWS section devoted specifically to the establishing of schools and other educational centers to spread the teaching based on universalism, ethics and spirituality.

WWD, Women Welfare Department founded in 1964 (department of welfare of women) a branch of Ananda Marga intended to work for development, equality and well-being of women worldwide.

In 1966, He founded the “Institute of Graduate Studies” of Ananda Marga.

In 1968, He creates the “Institute of Technology” of Ananda Marga.

In 1970, He created AMURT (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team) The Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT) has rendered disaster relief in fire, flood, typhoon, earthquake and war to help in cases of disasters and extreme needs, as well as through permanent projects. Amurt and Amurtel, the female branch of the organization, are registered by the United Nations in the US and also registered in many countries around the world, collaborating and participating with others in the time of natural or manmade disasters.

In 1982, He established the universal philosophy of Neo-Humanism, which protects the planet’s ecosystem and mental expansion proposed by the study, service and spiritual practices, to free the intellect from the dogma imposed and thus achieve spiritual development. The Neo-humanism in its concept encompasses humans, animals, plants and the whole universe.

In that same year He began the composition of His gigantic musical work, “Prabhat Samgiita” (Songs of the New Dawn). In eight years Shrii Shrii Anandamurti composed 5018 songs of a deep spiritual and social content that arouses the highest and universal human feelings.

In 1986, He established Microvita Theory, a revolutionary vision of the origin of life and evolution of the Universe.

In 1987, He sets out the basis of Biopsychology, a holistic vision and practice of the relationship between the body, emotions, mind and soul.

In 1990, He founds Gurukul the University Institute, Ananda Nagar, India, dedicated to the study and research in all branches of knowledge, based on the principles of Neo-Humanism.

The teachings of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti are compiled in 261 volumes in several languages, covering a variety of topics: Meditation, philosophy, metaphysics, medicine, economics, politics, anthropology, biology, psychology, history, language, music, art, literature, geography etc. Today thousands of people in 180 countries study and practice His enormous intellectual and spiritual legacy. His books on mystical and spiritual subjects are named after Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, while those covering other social issues, bear his civil name, Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar.