Sadhana in Samskrta (Sanskrt) language

Sadhana” comes from the Sam’skrta root, “Sadh” meaning “to complete”. Sadhana means the struggle through which a person becomes fully realized.
Most human beings run around here and there seeking to realize their wishes, trying to find pleasure, forgetting they already posses the same object they seek, that treasure hidden deep in the mind.

Meditation is the effort to withdraw the mind from the world, concentrating it at one point and, through the repetition of a Mantra, expand it towards the Universal Mind, touching the source of all happiness and vibrating with the Essence of Being. “Mantra” means “that which frees the mind from suffering and imperfections.” It is a Sanskrt word, with great power, and its constant repetition infuses the mind with a more subtle and spiritual vibration. It is important to repeat the mantra received in the initiation in a correct way, given its significance in order to identify with the Supreme Being. Normally, due to by fears and anxieties, people use only a small part of the infinite potential of knowledge, and the energy within their minds. That infinite knowledge and power is but the Supreme Consciousness that exists in each entity of the entire Universe, but we are seldom conscious of Him.

Meditation is an ancient psycho-spiritual practice that allows us to recover the connection between our individual self and the Universal Self. Such practice expands our mind allowing greater manifestation of consciousness and of our essential spiritual characteristics. While the goal of meditation is the spiritual development, it is highly verified that regular practice produces great benefits, improving overall body state and mind balance. Monks and Nuns (Acaryas) of Ananda Marga teach advanced meditation lessons. Meditation should be accompanied by a personal ethical and moral behaviour to achieve balance, serenity of mind and the spiritual development.