The NeoHumanism is an integrated vision of the world that offers a harmonious existence between humans, plants, animals and the natural physical environment. It can be defined as a spiritual ecology, based on respect and appreciation of the existential value of all beings in the universe. The philosophies based on human supremacy often have a utilitarian view of other living beings and the environment. This often leads to abuse and natural imbalance, as people we claim the right to dispose at will of what we consider “useful” to our selfish interests, while we destroy or neglect what we see as “useless” for our purposes. The NeoHumanism teaches us that everything in this universe has intrinsic value by the mere fact of existing.

Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar to NeoHumanism synthetically defined as “the liberation of the intellect.” Our mind is generally limited by narrow, selfish feelings. From our childhood we are taught to create imaginary barriers that separate us from the people we consider “different” from us or our group of belonging. This makes us cling to a limited geographical area and a small political, ideological, cultural, economic or religious in particular racial, social,. Thus, those who belong to other places or other groups become strangers and often, into enemies. This leads to intolerance, bigotry, dogma, violence, exploitation and destruction. The destructive and uncontrolled exploitation of other living beings and the environment also comes from our superiority complex as human beings.

To correct and prevent these deformations of the human mind is essential to provide a proper education, that includes the spiritual dimension of the universe and teach us to maintain a harmonious relationship with all beings and things. In Sanskrit “Savidyayavimuktaye” said: Education is that which liberates us. In the words of P. R. Sarkar: “The true meaning of education is the trilateral development, the simultaneous development of the physical, mental and spiritual levels of the human being. This development should improve the integration of the human personality. For this, the dormant potential of human beings must be awakened and used appropriately. Educated are those who have learned a lot, remember a lot and use their knowledge in practical life “‘ P.R Sarkar, April 1981,Calcutta.
Through proper education, and using our ability to discern, we can free ourselves from these complex and artificial distortions and expand our mind to encompass it with the universe. This release and expansion of the mind makes us responsible, benevolent, universalist and respectful human beings, preconditions to create a healthy, ethical and progressive society.

Ananda Marga School is based on the NeoHumanist education system, i.e. based on love for all beings, based on this fundamental idea that everything in this universe is the divine expression of Supreme Consciousness. The NeoHumanist Education was propounded by Shrii P.R Sarkar  He said that our education system should not be only about learning things about this world or we should not be limited to mundane knowledge but it should be balanced by intuition knowledge or supra-mundane knowledge.The essence of Neo Humanism is to develop universal love and service spirit that is what is the spiritual component of Neo Humanist education. We feel that spirituality is not something which is far away or something which we cannot touch but it is that sense of interconnectedness with all things. It is the feeling that everything is divine. Everything is the expression of that universal consciousness. So therefore we should treat everything as our own. And that way we can create the world like one universal family. So the goal of Neo Humanist education is to create peace on earth, to bring prosperity on this earth and to bring harmony and joy among all creatures and all beings.

 So any knowledge which can help us to move in that direction can be considered as a part of NeoHumanist education system. And in a very balanced approach to building human personality so that we do not only create intellectual beings but rather we are able to help to foster all the different levels of personality and create human beings who can create a better world. Who can help to build better society in every aspect of life .In the realm of politics, In the realm of economics, In the realm of science, In the realm of technology, in the field of arts etc. in every aspect of life we should be able to create, we should able to contribute. And the NeoHumanist schools we have about 1200 schools all over the world. And all the schools they are nurturing these values. You know the basic question is what is life? And Neo Humanism answers that question by using the faculties of science and technology to understand who we are and what the world in which we live.

That’s why we have a strong element in our NeoHumanist education system on the scientific temperament. How to have a scientific attitude towards everything. Our life is not built on some dogma or superstation. Or certain rituals which we do not understand why they are there. The motivation for all this is that we want to celebrate this passion of life, this love of life, love for all things and this is what is the reason why we exist we want to realizes that highest  consciousness . So NeoHumanist education is a kind of very holistic approach to integrating in the science, in the arts and the spirituality and the values in order to built a happy society.