Mantra literally means that “which liberates the mind”: a word in which the mind is focused in meditation. It is given in Sanskrit: an ancient language known for its subtlety and accuracy of expression. It was developed thousands of years ago by yogis of India while in deep intuitive states.
There are several types of mantras: those for collective songs and ceremonies and mantras for meditation. The most effective mantra for meditation is called Ista Mantra. It is a personal qualified or effective mantra through which the practitioner identifies with his own self, with the goal of meditation, the Cosmic Consciousness.
Traditionally meditation was taught by the Guru, the Master. However, for practical reasons, Ananda Marga meditation is taught by persons named by the Guru, the spiritual Master, as its representatives (Acharyas). Although the Guru is not physically present, spiritual awakening takes place due to the mantra spiritual power.

Kiirtan means “to call the Supreme Consciousness with a loud voice”. In Ananda Marga the practice of Kiirtan is done with the most effective universal mantra:
“BABA’ NAM KEVALAM” (in Sanskrit language). BABA means “dearest”, “Nam” means name and “Kevalam” means only.
 “The love of the Supreme Consciousness is the essence of all things.” The ideation of Mantra is: The Supreme Consciousness that exists within everything.

The kiirtan BABA NAM KEVALAM has many benefits for the mind, frees the mind from negative thoughts and creates a sense of inner peace. The complexities of the mind are cleared and you can easily find a solution to problems.


When many people sing kiirtan together a very strong spiritual vibration is created and can prevent physical afflictions, calamities and accidents. “‘The kiirtan touches the heart centre. Devotees from all parts of world practice kiirtan, the only reason for the massive popularity of kiirtan is because it awakens sweet spiritual feelings.
Behind Kiirtan exists the ideation of Bliss. This ideation makes flourish in its entire splendour the little cocoon of sweet feelings of the heart. The Kiirtan awakens human feelings and leads one to feel a greater joy. Kiirtan fills one’s life and satisfies desires. ”
Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji

Through Kiirtan we feel we are not insignificant beings, we are not inferior or useless, Kiirtan makes us always remember we are beloved children of the Supreme Being. In Kiirtan there is no restrictions of time or person, there is no distinction between educated and useless, between blacks and whites. Then do Kiirtan, sing Kiirtan, where ever is possible. ”
Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

The deeper meaning of this mantra is that what is expressed in this world or beyond, are expressions of divine love the Supreme Lord, who is the most beloved good in devotee’s heart. Singing and dancing with this mantra wholeheartedly can overcome all kinds of physical, mental and spiritual afflictions. Kiirtana is an ancient form of spiritual practice that creates a good vibration around us and a feeling of closeness and love to the deepest part of ourselves, the Divine. Mantra “Baba Nam Kevalam” was given by the spiritual master Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii. It means “Love is the essence of all things” or “Everything is the manifestation of the love of the Supreme Lord.” “Baba” means the dearest. So “Baba Nam Kevalam” also means “the sweet name of the dearest Lord is everything.”